About us

    In Futurechromes we develop new photochromic nanomaterials with fast response and higher stability, for applications on transparent surfaces (photoprotective coatings in smart windows, photochromic glasses, sports equipment, green houses, awnings) and printed patterns (color changing illustrations and labels, etc.).

    Our Mission is to develop a new generation of photochromic nanomaterials to address societal challenges:

    • Energy efficiency: these smart materials, applied in windows, will allow to autoregulate the amount of sunlight entering the building, reducing the energy consumption associated to ventilation and air-conditioning systems and, in the last instance, CO2
    • Safety and comfort: applied in ophthalmic glasses and sports equipment (including motorcycle windshields, helmet visors) these fast-responsive materials allow safe and comfortable self-adaptation between glare and shadow conditions.

    Our Vision:

    • Futurechromes is a technological company that has developed and patented different technologies related to photochromic (color-changing) nanomaterials. We aim to integrate our materials in commercial products through the adaptation of technology to the products (windows, glasses, etc.) and manufacturing requirements (coating, printing, etc.). To do this we offer services, joint developments, sampling for validation, and technology licensing. Our team is flexible, receptive and has gained almost 10 years of experience in photo-functional nanomaterials.

    Our Values:

    • Patented nanotechnologies:  the developed nanomaterials improve stability against lightfastness and manifest a very high response rate. Futurechromes technologies are protected by patents and industrial know-how or intellectual property rights (IPR).
    • Sustainability:  the materials are produced through energy-efficient and sustainable methods, without using high-energy processes and/or volatile contaminants.
    • Flexibility:  the technology can provide flexible polymeric films, which can be applied/adhered to existing surfaces (i.e., windows) or integrated into new products, through coating or lamination.

    Cost: the materials are self-responsive towards sunlight, adapt continuously to the intensity variations without requiring voltage or circuitry in the material and in fact reducing up to two order of magnitude the cost.

    “Societal challenge driven approach for ENERGY SAVING, HEALTH, SECURITY & COMFORT”

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