Dr. Claudio Roscini

CTO, Team Leader


Tel.: (+34) 937375701


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Dr. Claudio Roscini is the cofounder and CTO of the company. He has 10 years of experience in nanotechnology and photoresponsive materials. He owns several patents, some of which already granted in different countries. He is responsible for the IP protection and the technical development of the materials, the design and the adaptation of it and its production to the different commercial product requirements, dictated by the partners.

Dr. Daniel Ruiz-Molina

Research advisor


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Dr. Ruiz-Molina has more tan 20 years of experience in research in the field of polymer nanomaterials. He is group leader at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). He is cofounder and research advisor of Futurechromes S. L.

Dr. Luz Karime Gil

Business developer

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Dr. Sohini Sinha

Technical developer

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Aleix Carrascull



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Aleix Carrascull has 4 years of experience in photofunctional nanomaterials and is technical developer in Futurechromes S.L., developing new photochromic nanocapsules and films.

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