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Photochromic films able to adapt themselves immediately to different sunlight intensities

Highly transparent photochromic films and coatings

Futurechromes has developed a new generation of nanotechnology-based photochromic materials which offer several advantages. Liquid-filled nanocapsules, embedded in the polymeric matrices yield very fast-responsive films and coatings, up to two orders of magnitude faster than market photochromic materials. The nanometric size and the suitable distribution of the nanocapsules provide high transmittance (glass grade). The encapsulation also enhance the fatigue resistance of the photochromic molecules.

Futurechromes has also integrated its transparent nanocapsules-based films and coatings (e.g. acrylatesurethanes) in different working devices (glass smart windowsophthalmic glasseshelmet faceshield, etc.) preserving the transparency and fast-response and indicating energy-saving.

Futurechromes collaborates with companies to adapt its technology to the different product and manufacturing requirements.

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Introducing Futurechromes

Fast responsive photochromic Technologies

Photochromic glasses, films and coatings


Futurechromes has received a SNEO grant for the development of its business plan.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement Number 889489.

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